The dream is Dead

I have lost all confidence in my ability to write. I will never be good enough or good again. Obviously, after three years it wasn’t enough and I just can’t keep pretending this is going to be okay. It’ll never be okay. I will never have the money, reach, or ability to get where I need to go with writing and I am done trying. All of my books have been removed from the Kindle store except my Birthright trilogy. If you need to contact me for whatever reason you can do so by emailing:

I am appreciative of the minor support I did get when I had my work out there but I realize that I will never be strong enough, creative enough, or motivated enough to continue with this. Though I used to take joy in writing because I thought I had something to offer I don’t anymore. Not now. Not with seeing how poorly I was received and that at some point I lost my ability to do anything creative. Maybe something will change in the future but I’ve been waiting for it to change for almost a year and it just hasn’t. I’ll probably continue to write terrible fan fiction on Wattpad so you can check that out as well, I guess. I don’t really know other than this is the end for me. This is where I give up.