Kindle Vella Stories

While on vacation after a few months of successful rehab, Sabrina Halston believes she has met the most charming man in the history of her life. What begins as an unbridled passionate affair becomes the most horrifying situation she can imagine. Can she survive Christopher's violent ways without relapsing or will he drag her to hell with him?

In the near future, people will be able to decide when they eat, what they eat, and *who* they eat at the click of a button. Celebrity diets trending on the internet make it even easier for the rich to get richer while the poor gorge themselves to stay pretty. In these advanced times, the last thing on anyone's mind is chemical additives and side effects. What's to worry about when everyone else is doing it?

In a perfect world I would be updating these stories every Friday, however due to real life obligations, chronic illness, and other personal issues these stories will be updated when I have the time and energy to update them. The first three episodes for each story are free so you have nothing to lose but time by checking out the initial introductions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.