The dream is Dead

Why I’m Leaving Social Media

The truth is that there’s no point for me to be on social media. I get little to no engagement and I’m tired of busting my ass to promote my books for them to go nowhere. On Twitter I have over 8 thousand followers but I’m lucky if any of my tweets get any views. I’ve tried doing the “engagement thing”. I’ve tried just being myself. I’ve tried posting words of wisdom or book quotes and everything else. Nothing about that platform has offered any sort of reward for my effort of self promotion. If anything, it has only gotten worse since Elon took over. I don’t even get notifications to replies anymore so what’s the point? I’m also tired of the drama and toxic environment on there. I am keeping the accounts (as in not deleting them) in the very off chance that I might need them one day. Like if my books get popular (they won’t) or some other thing happens.

As for Instagram, I only have 100 followers there and not much content to post anyway. The account still exists but it has been set to private. There’s no reason to do anything on there with 100 followers and getting 2-4 likes per picture (and most of the comments I get are spam/bot comments). It’s definitely not helping me sell or promote books so there’s also no reason for me to be there. I abhor social media in general and only ever set up these accounts to promote my work. If my work isn’t being promoted because the accounts get no traffic then there’s no reason to keep using them.

My Facebook and the official author page have been deactivated as well. Not deleted. Once again, I’m not interested in continually trying to post and promote my work if it doesn’t do anything. There’s little to no engagement on my page (that only has 55 followers as it is) and most of them only followed because of the short horror story videos I make. Not because they are interested in me as an author or enjoy my work. Since I am and was never a person to like social media or want to engage on it I can’t see a reason to do it without a purpose. There is no purpose if it’s not promoting my books or getting me a following.

The very last thing that is up is my TikTok accounts. I have NaudyAndBroken and Nadia.Valentine. Not that I get much engagement on either but they still exist. I get the *most* engagement on NaudyAndBroken so I may continue to make videos for that or I may not. I don’t know yet. I can’t really promote my writing there so I’m not sure what the point of it is.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve also had issues with stalkers so I can’t risk putting my face in videos (or even my voice). If any one of these people who have been stalking me find my accounts then I will be in deep shit. Since I’m not successful by any stretch of the word with my books then it seems stupid to keep pushing to promote them. Though I am appreciative of the minor support I’ve gotten so far, since I’m trying to push to engage a wider and larger audience (and it’s not happening) then I lack the motivation to keep up with things or care.

The accounts I’m most likely to update in the future are the TikTok accounts. Nadia.Valentine is my personal and booktok account for random things. NaudyAndBroken is a horror account for horror videos and horror stories. If you’re interested in following something that might still be active I would suggest these two places. Otherwise I think I’m either on a long ass hiatus or permanently gone. That is unless some miracle happens and one of my books goes viral. Though I have a better chance of being struck by lightening than that happening but I guess there’s always “hope” for something better.

For those of you who have followed and supported me over the years on social media I thank you but I think I’d reached the limit of how much social media can actually do to help and promote me. I don’t have money for professional marketing or anything else like that so this is kind of the end for me. I still intend to update this blog so you can follow here as well (if you’re interested in my inane ramblings about how my life sucks) or my odd advice on writing and what I think of certain horror movies. I think the best thing for me to do is keep writing here and hopefully use that as some sort of promotion. Or not. It’s not really working here either but in time, if I keep this website active enough people might find it and my books and I can break through that way.

If I return to social media on my author accounts (and that’s a big if) it will not be for a long time. I’m not currently writing anything anyway because I’ve lost all confidence in my ability to do that as well. My work these days is awful compared to my past works and since I can’t write anything anymore it’s best to just give up and hope that maybe, one day, I’ll be successful. I mean, logically I know I have no chance but I guess there’s always a tiny spark of hope that kind of keeps me going. At least it does for now.

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