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Read Any (or all) of My Books For Free…here’s how.

I know what you’re thinking, that this has to be too good to be true but it’s not. I am willing to offer a free copy of any of my books to anyone willing to read it and leave a review on Amazon. Not even a good review. An honest review. Though I realize that it’s a gamble as I suppose I could hand out copies of books to people who hate them that’s the risk I’m willing to take. I at least believe my writing is good enough that you won’t absolutely hate them and I’d take an additional 3 star review to the pile over no reviews or engagement at all.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably wondering what you have to do, if there’s a catch. There really isn’t any more of a catch than that. Read one of my books, write an honest review and that’s the end of the deal. Though I am not going to give you all of my books at once (I currently have 8 published, soon to be 9) I will give you one to start with and if you read it and review it I will happily give you another. Once again not asking for a good or great review just an honest review.

Since I write in multiple genres you have many different options to choose from if you don’t think you’ll be interested in all of them (or more than just one). I’ll give a summary of each so you can have an idea of what there is on my list:

The Birthright Trilogy:

After being sold at auction, Cordelia Banks must navigate life as a slave to her new master, Avery Ellington. As she fights to assert her own personhood and win over her ruthless owner, she rises from breeding stock to an international diplomat. But when a cryptic message and the threat of war loom over her glamorous new life, Cordelia must team up with unlikely allies to stop the world from falling into chaos and prevent a power-hungry man named Blake from taking over

Weapon Of Choice:

Galina, a member of the mafia, never thought much of the drug runner Mickey until he revealed a hit on her fiancé’s life. Together, they attempt to stop the assassination, but end up falling into a trap and becoming hostages to the Russian mafia. To survive, they come up with a risky plan to turn Mickey into a double agent and sell out their own family. As they face constant torture and pressure, they must sell their plan to the entire mafia and pull off the ultimate coup to take down their rivals. But with so much at stake, can they truly trust each other or will their plan backfire, leaving them with nothing but their own demise?


Lisa Brixton, a struggling woman turned billionaire lottery winner, hires local news reporter Elliot Larsson to play the role of her boyfriend for a week in exchange for two million dollars. As they embark on a kinky romance at Lisa’s private beach house, they discover that they have more in common than just their attraction to each other’s wealth and power. With sparks flying and chemistry building, they question whether their love could last a lifetime. But as the week draws to a close and Elliot prepares to cash the check, their newfound relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will their love prove to be real or just a fleeting fantasy fueled by money and power?


Never in my entire life did I think that anything like this could happen, and at a horror convention at all places. A once in a life time meeting with Dmitri Constantino led to a hurricane of overwhelming events that nearly destroyed my life. Follow along as I detail the beginning, middle, and not so happy ending to our little tryst all while remembering that truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes, you can’t control the outcome so it’s just better to write your own ending.

Web Of Lies:

Gossip reporter Lillian Lang’s interview with celebrity Ryker Hellström leads her down a twisted path of conspiracies, blackmail, and cults. When she realizes the danger she’s in, she must rely on Ryker to save her life. But in doing so, she finds herself pulled into a series of initiation rites that push her to her limits and reveal her true purpose. As she fights for her life and strives to end the blood contract of the cult, she must also save Ryker from complete annihilation. With the clock ticking and the stakes higher than ever, Lillian must navigate a dangerous web of secrets and lies to pull off the ultimate rescue. Can she save Ryker and end the cult’s reign of terror before it’s too late?

Cliques, Cults, and Cancellation: [Non-Fiction Novella]

From fandom cliques to cults and everything in between, this is the true story of a group that became my undoing. It started innocently enough with a woman who seemed eccentric and became an attempted initiation into a cult soon after. In my attempt to expose this cult, everything went astray. Simple mindless trolling became cyber stalking then terrorism. Two groups of zealots out on the internet to this very day are intent on destroying what little I have left of my life. This has forced me to consider how much I should go on. Though everything described in the following pages happened nearly 10 years ago, these fanatics who had hyper-fixated on the person I used to be, will not allow me to thrive in a new environment. One wonders if the only way out may be death.

If you are interested in any of these titles leave a comment and your email address down below. I’ll send you a copy in exchange for a read and a review. If you never read or review the book then, of course, you can’t expect me to send you another one. If you do read and review one and like it and want to do another one I’ll provide you with a copy (ebook only). It’s the deal of a lifetime and all I’m asking is for you to leave a review on Amazon. Can you afford to pass that up?

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