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Scarlett Pomers: The Best Singer You’ve Never Heard

Scarlett Pomers may be best known for her role on Star Trek: Voyager as Naomi Wildman. Secondarily to that she may be known for her part on the TV sitcom, Reba. What she is barely known for is her music. Though when she was producing it she didn’t put out a lot but what she did create was absolutely amazing. She left show business quite a few years ago as the result of a severe eating disorder. From what I know, she’s in recovery and doing fine she’s just not in the spotlight anymore. Which is a shame because she was an amazing talent. Still, if this is what is best for her I would rather she do that than continue to push herself to be unhealthy just for the purposes of show business.

That being said, her story (which I’ve barely touched upon here and is far more nuanced and detailed than “just another girl with anorexia”) touched me so much that she became the inspiration for the lead character in my Birthright book series. Cordelia Banks. The strong, creative, and absolutely beautiful soul that she is demanded a voice and a character of her own, so that is what I gave her. What does this have to do with her music, you may be asking. I’ll tell you.

A good portion of Birthright has been written because it was inspired what little music she put out there and currently exists. In fact, in a musical way (in a certain order) the songs she left behind serve as a soundtrack of sorts to the Birthright story. If you were to read the books and listen to the music in order you’d know exactly what I was talking about.

This track, Insane, describes her feelings towards Avery in the first part of the book when they meet.

“I make you laugh when I requested that you think beyond yourself, you smile at me as if I’m acting like a typical woman…”

The feelings and emotions are all there backed by the powerful music and the sound of her voice. The snide tone and commanding presence of how she will not be treated like a second class citizen and that her pain in this situation is valid.

The story continues with this track, Valentine. In which she asserts herself and her position to let Avery know just how little control he will have over her and that she can see through his tricks.

You want me tied up, bound forever in love, your plans for me are made. Got a life together set in stone, but until you change I’m leaving you alone.”

By this point, Avery has changed but not enough for her to want to be with him. She knows that his changes are superficial and that he’s still far too into himself and his needs above hers. It’s not real love, it’s lust and infatuation.

The third track, Used, is what I also think of as “Cordelia’s Theme” because it fits her position in the book and her life perfectly.

Well I maybe I lost my way, and maybe I’ve made mistakes, but who cares? I could’ve quit but I didn’t. Well maybe I love too much and maybe I lost too much, well I’m used, but then, who isn’t?”

Considering that she starts off as a woman who is sold off as breeding stock to be treated as property and a trendy object for the rich, of course she is used and she would feel used. Yet, the underlying message of the song is that everyone is used in some way and though life is hard and it absolutely sucks sometimes she’s still pushing through it and she’s still living.

“Maybe I’ve crashed and burned, but look at how much I’ve learned, but who cares, yeah I’m living, I have to forgive myself, cause I can’t be no one else….”

Her music, her voice, her story, and her amazing presence as an actor in my life has been nothing more than a blessing. An inspiration to write a trilogy of books that maybe, one day, will be a complete series. At this point, my faith in continuing is shaken and I’m on the verge of giving up on being an author entirely. However, I will always have Scarlett to thank for inspiring such creativity and three entire books with an original, solid universe that I don’t think I could ever write again. Not even in a million years.

Birthright the trilogy is now on sale. You can purchase it on Amazon or, if you happen to have Kindle unlimited you can read it entirely for free.

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