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A Cheating Actor & A Love Affair

I want to preface this post by saying that I know no one will believe me. After all, no one has believed me since I started to tell this story. I even wrote an entire novel based on this experience. Though the novel is fictionalized and dramatized for entertainment reasons (and to avoid being sued) it’s 95% true. An actor who I met at a convention a handful of years ago attempted to cheat on his wife with me, not once, but several times.

It started back in 2017 when I first met him at a convention. I will not be using his real name, as though I am angry about the situation I don’t want to destroy the career he has. Also, I’m just as guilty I suppose, seeing as how I didn’t hate what happened. I also was very aware at the time he was married. Still, take it with a grain of salt. I’m the fan, here, he held all the power and he certainly knew it.

Our initial interaction was friendly enough and I was, of course, in awe of him. He was everything I had ever dreamed about (if not more) and on top of that he was very nice. Since he’s not incredibly famous outside of certain circles he wasn’t a huge draw at this convention. There weren’t many people approaching his table so I took the chance to talk to him since he seemed open to the idea. Thanks to circumstances, we ended up having about a forty-five minute conversation. In the middle of it, he says (completely out of the blue)

“I have to stop being so flirty or my wife will get upset.”

I was somewhat shocked by this because until that point I had just seen his banter and interactions as friendly. Maybe he was a bit familiar and personal with me but some people are. I felt comfortable with him and it was one of those situations where you meet a person and you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. You just talk about whatever. It wasn’t until then that I was aware that his intent towards me had been flirtatious the entire time. Sorry to disappoint, but nothing happened. Eventually the conversation wound down and I left.

A year later, I was headed to another convention which this actor happened to be at. I wasn’t going there specifically to see him but another actor that was on my list of people to meet. However, I decided to stop by his table to see if he would remember me (assuming he wouldn’t). Except, he did. He remembered everything about our interaction a year prior, down to the conversation topics we touched upon and the fact that I had mentioned writing a screenplay. The only thing he didn’t remember was my name but I can hardly hold that against him. I’m bad with names as well.

Upon joining for our first selfie at his table he pulled me into a very familiar and almost romantic embrace, one he did of his own volition as I didn’t even ask for a hug. He asked if I was going to be there the whole weekend and I said yes so he said we’d catch up later. Over the course of the next few days he tried to get me into bed with him. A lot of this entailed trashing his wife and attempting to set up a private meeting with me. Something that the convention staff overheard so that was cut off. He said if it had been five years prior then things would be different between us and complained about his wife. A lot. I should also mention that he never once wore a wedding ring at any of the events where we ran into each other.

Though I was rather oblivious to what was going on because, once again my dumbass just thought he was being friendly, a person I was at the convention with was not. He pulled me aside and out of the blue told me not to sleep with this actor or “fall for it” because I was better than that. I questioned what he was talking about because I was sure that this actor didn’t want to sleep with me. My friend was insistent that he was obviously hitting on me. It was then that I recalled this actor’s reputation. Of which he has a huge one.

In the years that he was not married and hitting up the convention circuit all the time there were rumors, everywhere, that every night he would take a different girl back to his room. Rumors are not truth, exactly, but I had friends attending these conventions. People I trust. I fully believe they were telling the truth because I don’t think they have a reason to make this up. Besides, at the time he was single so was it really that big of a deal? No. Now it kind of was because he is married and everyone knew that. Including myself.

The most interesting thing about this convention were the photos that were taken of me and him without either of us knowing they were being taken. Those types of photos are the most truthful as the people in them aren’t aware of how they look so they tend to be more natural and genuine in nature. I did not see these photos until well after I got home but how he’s looking at me in them is clearly of a sexual nature. Not even I can deny that. Which, once again, left me confused because I don’t think highly of myself and I’d never expect a man like him to look at me like that when he didn’t think he was going to get caught.

About six months after this incident, I was gifted a VIP pass to another convention for my birthday. Once again, he happened to be one of the guests there. I wasn’t not going to go because VIP passes to conventions are expensive and awesome and it was a great birthday gift. While passing his table on the first day he got up to greet me, running over to hug me and was very hands on. Once again, this was not unwelcome and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the attention. We took selfies again, though in one of the photos he took it upon himself to do a very suggestive pose (it was not something I suggested either but I’m not going to claim I hated it).

Over the course of the next few days he continued to be extremely flirty with me, overly familiar, trash his wife, and at one point he pulled me into a dance with him while he sang to me and other people in the croud watched. It was very fun. Though he never directly asked me for anything sexual, the intent and the implication was there and had I not been so timid I may have confronted him about this. As I said, I don’t think very highly of myself so I also couldn’t convince myself it was what he wanted so I didn’t ever say anything to him. I do wonder what might have happened if I had and how many other girls he may have been doing this with when I wasn’t around (as I doubt I was the only one).

Since that convention, he has not done any major conventions in the United States. He did one appearance at a small show once in 2019 or so but otherwise he’s been primarily doing conventions in Europe. His wife was a whole other situation. There were years of time where she didn’t appear with him publicly. It was almost like he wasn’t married and she didn’t exist. She was never on his social media, and the only record that could be found of her was a premiere she attended with him in 2018. After that, it was dead silence. She was not on social media or doing any publicity which is odd because she is an actress, not a private citizen, so it’s not as if she wouldn’t be used to media exposure.

This left me and many others to question if he was still married even because his behavior with his wife was so odd. He spent the majority of the time not even in the same country as her and he was clearly hitting on or actually picking up women. I know he tried like hell with me, I’m just the wrong person to do that with because I’m so dense. In any case, after months of silence on his own social media and years of not mentioning or posting any photos of his wife, suddenly a video appears on his profile of her with a baby they apparently had.

Though I’d like to be happy about this, I can’t. I know what he’s like when she’s not around and I really do not doubt he cheats on her left and right. She’s also my age so that makes her about 20 years younger than him. I wonder if she knows what he’s doing at conventions behind her back. I wonder if she doesn’t care because he’s an actor and with that she gets fame, attention, money, and a baby. It’s very tempting to confront him and be like “Yo dude, what the actual fuck?” because I know what he was trying to do with me. I also know this is his second wife and his first marriage broke up because he was cheating on her.

If I was a more bitter person (and I wonder why I’m not) I’d expose his name and I’d leave a comment on his social (though it would probably only get me blocked or attacked by his psychotic fans for “lying”) so I don’t think it’s worth the effort. Also, as I said, I played my own part in this so I’m not some innocent victim either. That doesn’t make me any less angry about the situation. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to go right back to what he was doing before and I even suspect the baby may have been to placate her or deter her from figuring out what he does when he’s not at home. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and I don’t believe he ever intends to change.

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