Nadia Valentine



Naudia Valentine is an author who specializes in multiple genres. Horror, romance, science fiction, erotica, and many more are just par for the course. She believes that variety is the spice of life and doesn't want to limit herself to one subject. Nadia is a lifelong student of any genre that she writes in. She has a background education in psychology and has spent time as a professional dominatrix specializing in edge play and BDSM. Nadia aspires to become a screenplay writer and filmmaker as well. In her free time, Nadia enjoys photography, art, music, and playing video games. She has two cats and a wonderful dog and enjoys traveling with or without them whenever possible. 

Bestselling Books



Sold to the highest bidder at auction, Cordelia knows that she must find a way to get along with her new master, escape his wrath, or die trying.



Weapon Of Choice


Armed with only herself and a half-witted bodyguard, Galina Montanaro is taken captive by a rival mafia. Can she learn to fight back through this ordeal and climb her way to the top?





Every man has his price, how much would she pay for the perfect boyfriend experience? Winner of a billion dollar jackpot, Lisa Brixton decides to bring her fantasy to life.



Custom Creations & Commissions


I am available for any number of tasks, from custom short stories to ghostwriting full novels. I am also available to write articles, essays, or commentaries on various subjects. I do tarot card readings and offer classes in BDSM. For more information use this provided link.